Classroom to Virtual Classroom within the next

We Enable Teachers to Easily Transition from Physical Classes, to Conducting Online Classes Quickly & Easily.

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Why EduBrisk?

Online Classes with No Disruptions - Be it for Schools or Home-School Curriculums,
Our Platform is Designed to Connect You and Your Students Online. Here's how:


Easy to Use

Designed and Built for Teachers, by Teachers.


Free Training

Get All the Help You Need to Start Teaching Online.


Digitized Syllabi

The Entire CBSE/NCERT Syllabus, Ready to Go.


LIVE Interactions

Exactly Like A Classroom Environment, But Online.


Annotation Ready

Share Your Notes with Students, In Real-Time.

Feature Packed and Future Ready,
Online Education at its Best.

Digitized Content

Starting from Level 1, Going All the Way Until Level 12.

Lesson Planning

Easy-To-Create Templated Lesson Plans for Each Subject.

Personalized Notes

Dedicated Section to Upload Your Own Supporting Notes.

Subject Interlinking

Cross-Curricular Subject References for Easy Understanding.

Real-Life Examples

Instances Woven into Each Chapter, to Better Explain Concepts.

Student Diagnostic Test

Evaluate Each Student Before New Concepts Are Taught.

Step Up & Step Down

Reference Older or Newer Chapters Based on One's Understanding.

Do & Discover

Allowing Students to Practically Apply Concepts Learned.


Activities & Puzzles Based on the Concepts in the Chapters.

Question Bank

1 Lakh+ Questions, Categorized Per Subject, Chapter & Topic.

Test Creator

Instant Question Paper Generation, Based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Student Assessment Test

Gauge the Level of Understanding of Each Student, After Every Chapter.

Answers to Some of the
Most Frequently Asked Questions by Teachers

    Once you submit a form on our website, a member of our Customer Success Team will reach out and collect some additional information that's required for our internal processes. Thereafter, we setup a video conferencing call offering you a demo of the platform, which also showcases a virtual classroom session, followed-up with the necessary collateral for a post-call review by you and your colleagues.

    Should you wish to proceed with EduBrisk, our Sales Team will then present you with more detailed information regarding infrastructure requirements, details of the Free Training from our Customer On-Boarding Team, and more.

    Lastly, a Proposal is created and shared with you/your School, which then kick-starts the entire digital transition from physical classrooms, to virtual classroom teaching

    The EduBrisk Platform contains the digitized versions of the entire CBSE/NCERT syllabi, along with additional inputs from our Team of Educators designed to make teaching easier for both Teachers as well as Students

To use EduBrisk effectively, we strongly recommend having the following elements in place:

  1. A good 4G internet connection
  2. A video conferencing application (to be provided by EduBrisk)
  3. A WACOM Tablet (to be provided by EduBrisk) or any other annotation tool
  4. A Laptop (preferable) or Tablet, with a good front facing camera and microphone

    EduBrisk operates on a per student, monthly subscription model that varies depending on the number of students/subscriptions required. Please contact our Sales Team on +91 90612 69990, for more information and custom pricing.

    Although typically for a period of 1 year, given the current situation facing the Globe, our Sales Team has multiple flexible options available. Please contact them on +91 90612 69990, for more details.

    To help you get up and running on the EduBrisk Platform as quickly as possible, and with as minimal disruption as possible, our Customer On-Boarding Team conducts a FREE 4-Day Training Session for every new client we onboard.

    Further, our teams are always available for any assistance, as and when required

    EduBrisk will conduct a School Teacher Empowerment Program (STEP) for all Teachers designated by the School. At the end of the workshop, the said Teachers will be well-versed with our processes and methodologies, leading to higher motivation, and reduced Teacher-training costs.

  1. First and foremost, EduBrisk is a platform that allows Teachers to conduct Virtual and Interactive Classrooms for all their students at the same time.
  2. All the sessions are auto recorded, which means students can revisit these sessions as many times as they would like, to help brush up on topics and concepts covered during the session.
  3. Teachers can also mark attendance, as they would in a physical classroom, by viewing the list of students present Online for the Virtual Class.
  4. The platform allows for a wide degree of personalization that Teachers could use to tailor their sessions, from notes and annotations, to custom lesson plans, and much more.
  5. Lastly, teachers have access to a detailed dashboard about every student's performance, including the concepts and chapters that were accessed, level of understanding, and more.
  1. Once the schools prepare and share their scheduled timetables, EduBrisk provides the meeting platform along with the respective content. The link for the Virtual Classes will then be shared by the Class Teacher to their students, enabling them to log on using either a Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.
  2. Once the session is LIVE, the Teacher marks the attendance of the students present, similar to the attendance process followed in physical classrooms.
  3. Thereafter, students can interact with the Teacher LIVE using the Chat feature that comes as a standard within the video conferencing tool being used (Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeetings, etc).
  4. At the end of the session, the recorded version of the interaction will be shared by the Teacher, which students can access for review and revision.

    Once the School communicates the Terms main Topics to EduBrisk, the respective chapters will be allotted to you and made available within your respective account at EduBrisk. You can then login to your account and create your own lesson plans for the respective subjects.

    The EduBrisk Platform comes with various tools that allow you to easily create question papers that your students can take, either online in real-time or at home. These include questions from a Master Question Bank with over 1 Lakh questions, as well as past questions from CBSE & ICSE Boards.

    The EduBrisk Digital Learning Platform and all Workshops conducted by us, are fully compliant with Global Regulatory Bodies such as KHDA, ADEC, and more.

Who We Are?

who we are

Founded in 2014 by Mr. Saiju Aravind, a life-long Scientist and Educationalist, EduBrisk today provides Educational Solutions to Schools and Students through a revolutionary Digital Platform. Augmented through the tireless work of Scientists, Educationists, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Child Psychologists, Teachers, Parents, and even Students, the platform offers a wholistic and brain-friendly approach to learning, developed on the core principle of B.U.I.L.D., an acronym for Brain Utilization In Learning & Development, a principle that empowers the platform to allow students to harness their inherent learning potential.

With a presence across the country and in some of the biggest schools in India, EduBrisk has attracted the attention of key figures in the push for Educational Reform in India, notably the heads of Clairvoyant USA, Emerge Ventures, Singapore, Feathersoft Info & Xotic Ventures, India, along with the Chairman of SciGenom, USA.

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